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Find the right power supply for your NCIX PC
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The health of your computer depends on many factors, but one of the biggest ones is the quality of its power supply (PSU). Running a computer with a low grade power supply is similar to trying to nourish your body with potato chips and soda pop. Sure it'll work, but it'll be less efficient, and it certainly won't last as long.
The first step in choosing a power supply is to determine how much power your PC will need in watts (W). A PSU runs at its optimal efficiency at about 50% capacity, so if your components are estimated to consume 300W, then you should buy a 500-600W power supply. Overbuying on the PSU also allows you to upgrade other components without replacing it later. Check out the videos below for some advice about which wattage range you need.

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Buying the right "size" power supply for your system is important for making it run at its best efficiency, but not all power supplies are built equally. 80+ ratings which rank from "normal" to bronze, silver, and gold determine how good your PSU's best efficiency will be. The higher the 80+ rating of your PSU, the less electricity your system will waste.
The build quality of one power supply to another can vary dramatically so you also have to be sure to protect yourself in the event that something goes wrong. Most of the power supply brands at NCIX carry from 3-5 year warranties, so make sure you select one that is fully supported so that you will be protected in the future if something does go wrong.
Linus Sebastian
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Quality power supply means quality gaming
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